Jaimee Smith and Adam Hammond have spent the best part of ten years as childhood friends playing on and off together in various bands. It all started as a school project which turned into a popular gigging function band. Adam went on to live in Australia where he played in Acoustic groups and worked as part time guitar teacher. Jaimee has played in various bands, starting as backing singing and developing into lead singing. Since Adams return to England, they have formed Coast Acoustic to continue their passion for good music.

Gigging  mostly in the South, Coast Acoustic enjoy playing intimate venues but have also been known to have a room up and dancing. Some recent venues include The Cromwell Arms, (Romsey) Pizza Express, (Winchester and Andover) and The Royal Oak, (Winchester) just to name a few.

Our style is nothing but but eclectic!  Adam enjoys a blues and soul style where as Jaimee prefers modern R&B and funk. Mix this all together and you get something for everyone.


Coast Acoustic recently played at my wedding. They had the guests dancing and even learnt our first dance song especially for us! Would book them again anytime!